A Student’s Guide to Save Money


Being a student can be a lot of fun, apart from the exams, studying and assignments, of course. But, if you ask me, nothing beats the life and memories that you had when you were a student. My best years were during my university days. The holiday road trip, late night slumber parties, prom, Friday night parties and weekend movies. But of course, all these came with a price. As a student, you want to have all the fun in the world. But fun also means that you need to spend money. Let us look as some ways which you can save money without much hassle.
The first way is all about planning. Make out a budget plan for each week or even month. Map out the amount of money required for your tuition, for food, your rent, for textbooks and such. When you have extra, maybe you can indulge in a little bit of shopping or even partying. Planning is the key if you do not wish to end up in debt, out of cash or completely broke by the end of the semester. First, make out how much money you have to begin with. Then figure out what is absolutely necessary, what you need and what you can live without. Set your priorities straight and stick to it!
Ever heard of the saying, sharing is caring? Well, that is your next ticket to saving some extra cash. Stop being selfish and start sharing. Carpool and share the gas money with your friends. Share your groceries with your housemates. Cook your own meal with your friends. It is fun, healthy and you save money. Share stuff like DVD’s and music CD’s instead of paying extra to rent one or even to buy one. If you do not wish to spend a hefty amount on textbooks, why not borrow one from your seniors or even friends? Try to look for textbooks that you can lend from the library.
Now, by being a student, you often accumulate clutter in your dorm, room or even house. You never throw things away, thinking you might need it, just in case. Truth is, you do not need many of these items. For example, your old t-shirts, jeans, sports equipments, DVDs, textbooks, notes, anything at all. If you do not need them, someone else might. If they are still in good, usable condition, that is. So, why not round up a couple of friends and have a “garage sale” or in your case a “dorm sale’! Not only is it fun, you get to make some cash out of your old stuff. Also, you reduce the clutter in your room. Another way, is to recycle. Why not collect tin cans, plastic water bottles and such, and recycle!
I know being a student can be pretty stressful. You are often left with a pile of write-ups and assignments, not to forget pop quizzes and exams. But, some semesters, you are often free compared to other semesters. Why not get a part-time job? Get a job as a waiter or waitress at your local cafeteria or anything at all. The extra cash does help and trust me; it is a much healthier activity than partying your life away! You can also get yourself a job during the semester holidays.
Being a student has its ups and downs. They key to staying afloat is moderation. Of course, you want to have fun. To have fun, lets face it, you need money. Just follow these few simple ways to save money and I guarantee that you will not come across money trouble!